3.7million+ users across 5 continents can't be wrong


One Integrated Software

with odoo suite of applications in one software, you will never need a second business and productivity software

Tons of applications with every industry and business function covered:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Budget Management
  • Petty Cash / Staff Advances
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory (Warehousing)
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Customer Relations Management
  •  Human Resources / Payment
  • Point-of-Sales (Retail)
  • Document Management
  • Etc.                                                                                    

How can Odoo help your business? 

Odoo has designed tons of applications for all your business needs. For a simple way to run your business, use Odoo suite with over 25 open source business apps, which are comprehensive, fully integrated and easy to use

  • Easily create your professional website
  • Manage your relationship with Customers
  • Design and launch your own marketing
  • Enforce business workflow and company policies
  • Take online payments using eCommerce
  • Manage your warehouse and track inventory
  • Manage contracts and create invoices with no efforts
  • Issue documents for signatures online
  • Manage your accounts and all financial activities in one place

Explore Odoo Apps Features

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One Experienced Integrator

matt o'bell experience and deep knowledge of odoo delivers successful odoo projects

Odoo is a great software but the success of an Odoo Project (like other ERP projects) depends largely on the expertise and experience of the integrator. As a focused Odoo partner with a youthful team of highly knowledgeable consultants, we bring a deep knowledge of Odoo, experience in completing several Odoo projects for clients as well as project management skills, to steer all of our projects to successful completion. Our clients are able to realize an immediate value in implementing Odoo for their business.

Let the records speak for us

odoo is global and well supported by a growing list of experts


600+ Partners

Odoo leverages on 100s of partners to reach global markets. With experience in implementing Odoo projects, partners like Matt O’Bell bring competence and robust support to clients they work with in the local environment.

120+ Countries

Odoo's over 2million users (including Toyota) across almost 200 countries is a proof of the value the software brings to businesses. The biggest Odoo client has 300,000 users and the smallest 1.

If your business is not currently using Odoo, we will be happy to bring you on board soon

Our Odoo Clients?