Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. While every organization has one form of process or the other, as much as possible, processes need to be documented using time tested methodologies. More importantly, these processes need to be bench-marked against global best practices or processes. 

As an independent consulting firm, Matt O'Bell provides the much-needed degree of objectivity in assessing an organization's current processes, identifying and prioritizing opportunities for process improvements and designing and implementing business process improvement solutions that deliver substantial benefits to the organization. 

Our Business Process Improvement methodology follows these four steps:

a) Process Mapping: Existing processes are documented based on interactions with process owners, review of company manuals and operating procedures including observation of key transaction cycles (revenue, expenditure, payroll, cash etc)

b) Process Analysis: Documented processes are reviewed for problems using simple questions such as:

- where do team members or customers experience frustrations?
- which of the work flows in the processes create bottlenecks?
- which process or work flow creates increase in cost or lowering of quality?
- which of the process or work flow requires most time or causes the most delays?

c) Process re-design: The redesign aims to eliminate the problems identified in the Process Analysis using ideas generated by the team, process owners as well as inputs gathered from global best practices. 

d) Communicate new process: Once a new improved process has been designed, we ensure this is well communicated to stakeholders. We also advice on how to prepare for and deal with the organizational change that will be created as a result of implementing the new process.