Our Clients

Odoo is used by 3.7 million users worldwide ranging from very small companies to large multinationals.
Here's a case study of clients, who have chosen Matt O'Bell Ltd (Odoo leading Business Partner) to implement Odoo for their organisation.

Name of Client: Fode (Field Offshore Design & Engineering)

No of Employees: Over 70

Date of Project: 2013

Module Covered: Accounting


FODE (Field Offshore Design & Engineering) Ltd is an engineering design services company but also provides marine transportation services to some IOCs in Nigeria. When a new CFO took over sometime in 2012, he saw the need for an ERP system and was about to close the deal with Sage when we got the opportunity to demonstrate the features of OpenERP (now Odoo). Immediately, OpenERP was accepted because of its price and functionality. The CFO was very keen on a solution that was easily customizable and at a fraction of the cost.

As one of our early clients, we received lots of requirements to modify the Accounting Module in OpenERP and most of our custom developments today were initiated from this relationship.

Website: http://www.fode-ltd.com

Name of Client: Netcom
No of Employees:
Over 200
Date of Project: 2014

Modules Covered: HR Module and local support


Netcom Africa provides internet services to a number of corporate clients and individual users.As an international company, they have maintained a dominant position in a market that is continually challenged by increasing competition.
Sometime in January 2014, Netcom approached us to help implement OpenERP. For some reasons, the implementation was awarded to a non-Odoo consultant who used the services of a developer in India. Amazingly, this implementation was not completed to the satisfaction of the Client and in October, 2014 we were invited to take over the project and continue to provide local support.

The Netcom project is a clear evidence of the need for a local partner who understands OpenERP deeply and is well resourced to provide post implementation support


Name of Client: Primewash
No of Employees:
Over 30
Date of Project: 2013

Modules Covered: Accounting, Payroll, Inventory, Warehousing & Purchasing


Primewash Ltd has raised the standards in the Dry Cleaning industry. From an impressive start at its Port Harcourt office, the company has taken its enviable services to the city of Abuja and is now planning a move to Lagos.  The dream to become Nigeria’s leading Dry Cleaning Company is gradually being fulfilled.

As part of positioning the Company for strategic growth, Primewash approached Matt O’Bell for a solution that will manage the inventory and stock of raw materials used in its dry cleaning business. They were looking for a system that would inform them when cleaning materials were low in stock in order, to avoid a delay in customer delivery dates. Furthermore, a large part of their inventory was sourced internationally and hence the need to manage re-order levels and automatically generate purchase orders to preferred overseas vendors.  Primewash needed a system to do all of the above in a multi-branch company so that management could get first information about operations and sales from various reports.

OpenERP was a good choice and given the track record of project implementation from Matt O’Bell, this project went well and Primewash currently manages its Accounting, Payroll, Inventory, Warehousing, and Purchasing all from within OpenERP.

Website:  http://www.primewashltd.com

Name of Client: Melvon
No of Employees:
Over 50
Date of Project: 2013

Module Covered: Sales, Purchasing & Accounting


Melvon Nigeria Ltd is an indigenous oilfield service company that specializes in providing solutions, equipment and services for well completions and intervention in the oil and gas industry. As a logistics company, Melvon was considering SAP among other ERP solutions to increase operational efficiency and the effectiveness of its services to its clients most of which are largely IOC’s such as Shell, Agip, Chevron etc.

OpenERP was selected because of its robustness, flexibility and price when compared with competing proprietary solutions. The company uses the Sales Module for invoicing customers and the Purchasing Modules for managing procurement. The Accounting Module has also helped the Company meets its reporting requirements including those demanded by external auditors.

Website: http://melvon-ng.com

Name of Client: Venture Garden Group

Modules Covered:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources,
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing
  • Warehousing
  • Sales
  • CRM
  • Staff Advances


 Venture Garden Group is a Global Technology Group of strategically related companies. With ownership of several fully developed intellectual properties, the Venture Garden Group is able to deliver transformative technologies as “Software as a Service” solutions globally.

VGG has many companies such as Avitech, FuelTech, SplashersTech, CloudTech etc. The Multi-Company feature on Open ERP was enabled and properly configured to manage all the companies and consolidation was seamlessly activated the group level.

Website www.venturegardengroup.com

Name Of Client: Livestock Feeds Plc
Size of Organisation&No of Employees:
55 Users, 300+ Employees in 4 branches
Date of Project:
June 2014

Modules Covered: Human Resources, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Warehousing Management and Accounting 


Livestock Feeds Plc is a manufacturing firm under the U.A.C Group with 4 branches in Nigeria and multiple warehouse locations scattered across the country. Livestock Feeds Plc was finding it difficult to integrate all manufacturing activities in all branches to the warehouses, accounts and the purchases.

They signed up to Odoo version 7 under an enterprise contract for 55 users and Matt O’Bell successfully implemented Odoo to synchronize all activities of Livestock Feeds Plc.

Key Features Implemented Include:

  • Consolidated Financial Reports (e.g. Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Trial Balance) for the Company as well as for each branch.
  • Seperation of Head Office operations from branch activities
  • Centralized purchasing department with seamless management of inventory and delivery to different branches
  • Fixed Assets and prepayments managed by branches
  • Human resource department centralized at the head office

Project Status: Completed

Website: www.livestockfeedsplc.com

Name of Client: Lekki Concession Company

No of Employees: Over 400 Employees and Users

Modules Covered: Human Resources Module

Summary: Lekki Concession Company is a company set up specifically to execute the Lekki Toll Road Concession Project. The OpenERP project was majorly deployed for the Human Resources Department of the company. They presently manage over 400 employees and OpenERP was fully configured to allow all the employees to perform every self-service function in almost all the modules embedded in Human Resources Management.

Website: www.lcc.com.ng

Name of Client: Ijewere & Co

Size of Organization: Medium Sized organisation with branches in Asaba, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Abuja and the headquarters in Lagos

No of Employees: Over 100

Date of Project: 7th May 2014

Module Covered

1. Accounting & Finance
2. Human Resources /Payroll
3. Project Management
4. Sales
5. Purchase
6. Warehouse
7. Document Management
8. Staff Advances


Ijewere & Co (IJW) is a consulting firm providing tax and other regulatory services to a diversified clientele in Nigeria and around West Africa. The company is now witnessing an increased growth in its operations and this has placed a necessity on the delivery of timely and accurate information for decision making. Such information must consolidate the activities of the various functional areas such as Project Management, Human Resources, Accounting/Finance, Sales & Invoicing, Procurement and Document Management.

The purpose of the OpenERP project is to improve the timeliness and accuracy of information for decision making. This project meets IJW’s need to provide information for improving operational efficiency through the coordination of the principal activities of the various functional areas of the business. By implementing an ERP solution such as OpenERP, IJW will be able to integrate its business functions and manage this centrally so that management and key decision makers can have a centralized view of the activities of all the departments, business units and functional areas.

Project Status: Completed

Website: www.ijewere.com